About us

Our company

Hiraya Pilipina is a clothing brand which aims to create classic statement tees that carry an advocacy— all designed for self-empowerment and female empowerment. We strive to create a safe space in the community for Filipinas to empower and feel empowered.

Our inspiration

The owner of Hiraya Pilipina, Cleo, loved to express herself through fashion and style. With Hiraya Pilipina, she believes that women will be able to dress not only to express but also to empower. 

Mula sa Pilipina. Para sa Pilipina.


"Aww super love ko talaga ang designs! No sugarcoated feedback, lalo na yung statement, very genuinely empowering. This brand is on the right track!"

Ina Floranza

"I super love these! The seller was really nice and she made sure that I chose the perfect size for my body before shipping the product. Good quality and GREAT statements. I can't wait to wear them already!"

Sam Remo